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RENT YOUR OWN storage units are safe, secure and conveniently located. Firdrona Storage Condominiums has a fenced, gated perimeter with key-pad entry. Fire resistance is provided by steel construction including studs, siding and roof as well as an automatic fire sprinkler system.

Firdrona Condominium Storage is located on 124th Street on Peacock Hill near Canterwood Golf and Country Club. Firdrona units are available in two sizes. A restroom with shower is conveniently located in the center of the facility.

The units come in two sizes. The standard unit is approximately 600 square feet measuring 15 feet wide by 40 feet deep. Of the 50 units, 8 are larger and measure 22 feet wide by 40 feet deep. Most units have a garage door that measures 13' 8' wide by 13' 10' tall. Many units have an optional man door next to a 10' wide by 13' 10' tall garage door.

These units can accommodate a semi truck, RV, boat or extra vehicles you can't keep at home. They may also be a solution to your business storage, or even your base of operation. Each space is finished with insulation and drywall to create a smooth interior.

You can personalize your own unit to coincide with your own specific business or storage needs or interests.

Each unit has 50 amp 220 volt electrical service, RV receptacle, electric heat, and conduit for phone, internet, TV and individual security systems. Each unit has its own remote garage door opener.

The grounds are landscaped and allow easy 75 foot access for even the largest vehicles. RV owners will find added convenience with a pump-out facility on site.

Contact us today to learn how you can RENT YOUR OWN garage or storage space. Call Dick Bennison 253-948-6359 to make an appointment.

Browse our unit locations to see more about our unique storage solutions.

Site Features:
• Restroom
• Shower
• RV Pump Out
• Safe, Secure, Convenient
• Fenced & Gated Perimeter
• Landscaped Grounds
• Key-pad Entry System

Construction Features
• Fire Resistant
• Automatic Fire Sprinklers
• Steel Stud Wall Construction
• Steel Roof
• Steel Siding
• Insulation in Roof and Exterior Walls
• Drywall

Interior Features
• 50 amp/ 220 v electrical service
• RV receptacle
• Electric Heat

Contact us today to find out how you can RENT YOUR OWN garage or storage space. Many units are available to rent.

Call Dick Bennison 253-948-6359 to make an appointment to discuss options to rent or purchase a unit.

These units offer large, heated, spacious storage areas with 600 sq ft standard units(15 x 40 ft), suitable for many uses. A semi-truck rig, RV or other large vehicle will fit easily inside these units. Ask us about larger sized units.

All of our locations are equipped with redundant security measures; fenced perimeter with secure, keypad entry gates. Fire resistance is provided by steel studs and an automatic fire sprinkler system. Your prized possessions will be safely kept from harm in our storage units.

These elegant facilities are suitable for a broad range of requirements. These include;

SHOP SPACE - for light-industrial, fabrication, warehousing and other business needs;

GARAGE SPACE - for the hobbyist/collector to include motorcycles, watercraft, and trailed boats; automobiles and automotive-related activities, such as classic car storage, restoration, and mechanic shops.

Our clean storage facilities are ideal for household and or business storage, where the environment is critical. Unlike typical mini warehouses, our units offer heat for climate control.

Included benefits are;

VALUE - you will have a building that can appreciate with time. You can gain a tax advantage by adding an asset to your balance sheet.

COMFORT - These units are dry, warm, spacious, and well equipped.

CONVENIENCE - Machinery and tools can be used thanks to the 50 amp 220V and 30 amp 110V Service.

A Motorhome or full sized recreational vehicle or RV fits easily inside. With the available electrical hookups, they can be electrically functional.

Invest in a permanent storage solution that will meet your needs long into the future. Units can be rented or purchased.

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